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congressman, jesse jackson junior pleads guilty to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash on luxury items. megan has more on the fall of a promising politician. >> reporter: jesse jackson junior was a congressman for 17 years now he faces years behind bars. amid-a crush of people, he emerges from federal court in dc after pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges. >> sorry i let everybody down. >> reporter: in tears in front of a judge. with his father in the front row he admitted to spending three quarters of a million dollars in campaign funds to finance his lavish lifestyle. he spent $60,000 at restaurants and night clubs, $43,000 on a rolex watch and $14,000 on dry cleaning. >> it is clear he became convinced his campaign account could be used to satisfy any personal whim he had. >> reporter: his wife sandra also pled guilty for filing false tax returns. she failed to report $600,000 in income. he resigned from congress last november. he has been treated at the mayo clinic for bi-polar disorder. >> those health issues are
officers. >>> former congressman jesse jackson junior's son, pleads guilty to federal charges tonight. he is accused of misusing three quarters of a million dollars in campaign funds. his wife sandra is charged separately. both signed plea deals. jackson will have to repay the funds and possibly spend time in prison. >>> controversy over a photo of a grammy nominated rapper with two maryland state police troopers. rap star 2 chainz was arrested on drug charges on his way to a concert. another questions the troopers conduct. kai jackson has more on the photo getting nationwide attention. >> reporter: today, the contents of the car 2 chainz was riding in got him arrested but a photo afterwards could be a problem for maryland state troopers. >> good morning. >> reporter: if you have never heard of rapper 2 chainz he got prime time exposure february 11th on 2 broke girls ♪ when i die, bury me inside the gucci stove ♪ ♪ >> he is not knew to the scene. he has been around since the 90s. >> reporter: he received no love on valentines day after
, better maryland. >> reporter: it's located in west baltimore. jackson says it's falling apart. >> you see the vents. you have some that work, some that do not work. >> reporter: in fact, the baltimore education coalition says it has a bold, long-range plan for city schools. $1billion is the estimate of the amount needed to renovate 65 schools. perhaps a harder sell will be the political will needed from the governor and lawmakers. >> when confetti falls on the last day of the session, we will have a deal for baltimore schools. >> we really need to make some improvements in city schools. >> reporter: something has to be done about the condition of city schools. they say if not, it will be the students in the long run who suffer. >> we recognize that our children deserve the best and if they're going to be learn, they have to be in facilities that are ready for learning. >> reporter: jackson school is a prime example of the delaptation plaguing some city schools. >> i think they should, but i don't know if they will. >> reporter: their plan i
. widespread delays at bwi and smaller airports shut completely. kai jackson has more on the looming travel crisis. kai. >> reporter: national leaders are preparing the public for a worst case scenario. those we talked to tonight at bwi marshall hope travel nightmares will be avoided. a budget battle in washington dc could have a ripple effect on air travel across the country. the obama administration is warning the so called sequester could be devastating. >> flights to major cities like new york, chicago, san francisco and others could experience delays up to 90 minutes during peak hours. >> reporter: it is a high stakes debate with $85 billion in potential cuts on the line. >> i think for the most part posturing on both sides. yeah, posturing. >> reporter: transportation officials say is he quest ration could force furloughs of air traffic controllers. control towers across the country would close. in maryland, towers at five regional and local airports could close. like martin state airport in baltimore county. [ audio difficulty ] >>> all right her
jackson and he had nine points, morgan let 46-18 on intermission. he had 16 points, the junior forward out of buoy. helping morgan, morgan sweeps the season series. elsewhere, new jersey, second half, georgetown rutgers, wally rescueds blocked by mike hopkins into the hand of markell stocks but it counts, 51-48 rutgers, and later georgetown leading, rutgers trying to catch up. it's another rejection. eli carter answers an unanswered prayer, and how about this in atlantic, miami against north carolina tonight and look shane's dad, baseball hall of famer, barry larkin and his mom lisa, lebron and dewayne, look at that play. now let's get to our own backyard for a moment. literally outside back room news room door. northwest baltimore city, the division one national championship, men'sly owe greyhounds, the lacrosse -- lie owe will greyhounds, loyola university of maryland, preseason number one. they're picked to defend their national crown. >> so >>> a snow man in ohio stands the test of time. he made him the day after christmas. here's the first pict
, expressed admiration for former raven, oj mcgan he suffers from als. wjz is live with kai jackson. >> reporter: that's right denise. for several years oj has been inspiring other s with his story especially the ravens. now, he and his wife are being honored for their hard work. it was a magical moment when the ravens won super bowl xlvii, february 3rd in new orleans. >> for oj. >> reporter: and members of the team are quick to credit this former player for inspiring them. >> oj said it, we are a team of vision. we never took our eyes off the prize. >> reporter: he played with ray lewis in 2001, when the ravens won their first trophy after beating the giants in super bowl xxxv. on friday the babe ruth foundation honored oj and shannon with their community service award, for their fight. >> i am humbled when people say i am an inspiration. my belief is that the same fight deep in my heart is available to everybody. >> reporter: years after the super bowl a diagnosis of als sidelined the linebacker he is confined to a wheelchair and uses a compu
coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, kai jackson, and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's news station. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our limited edition bed. ends sunday! >>> it is clear and 39 degrees in central maryland right now, the complete first warning forecast is coming up. >>> a texas police officer loses his job when his profane outburst is caught on a dash cam. the tirade came after he was arrested for public intoxication intoxication. >> get me out of here. >> officers say andrew peterson's verbal abuse continued in the holding cell.
a gallon. wjz live, kai jackson explains how bad it could get. >> gas prices are notably higher drivers are fuming. the price of gas is burning a hole in the wallets of some drivers many are doing a double take as they fill up their tanks. >> i got to pay $60 to fill the tank up. used to be 30 to $50. >> reporter: the the average price is $3.73 a gallon, 43¢ more than the average cost of gas one month ago. triple-a tells i witness news one reason gas prices are higher the price of crude has gone up as well. an opec decision to device production by 1 million-barrels a day reduced supply and demand is down as well. >> investors believe as well oil will continue to rise, that is is further inflating the crude oil prices. >> marcus alan admits it is not cheap to fill up his audi. he said he uses the car for recreation and not every day driving. >> we are dependent on oil and fossil fuels, we have to make a change. >> triple-a says based on current trends gas prices could continue, through april but they are not expected to be as high as spring last year
jackson explains the suspect was running an animal rescue group. kai? >> reporter: baltimore county police say what the man practiced regarding animals and what he preached were polar opposites. >> an operator called itself. baltimore animal rescue network. $but baltimore county police say barn, as its known, was a fraud, and accused its leader of not helping and abusing animals. >> reporter: the research shows the conditions were unsanitary. the dogs had very little room to move. they were crowded together, and the conditions were just filthy. >> reporter: on thursday, police arrested 29-year-old anthony gere. he was charnlged with 23 gownt -- charged with 23 counts of animal cruelty. police say gere would keep the animals in horrible conditions and later try to sell the animals. >> reporter: police tell eyewitness news that investigators have been watching the suspect and handling these animals since october of 2012. >> reporter: barn has its own facebook page. police say 18 puppy and 5 dogs were seized january 14. 5 of the puppies were in s
. >> everyone is relaxed and feels good. >> reporter: part of the show kai jackson introduced the students. >> i am going to try to study mandarin chinese and for my career i want to go into engineering. >> reporter: the new town senior wowed the crowd and plans to be a pediatrician. >> it is very hard for me. i am not really good with talking in front of people. but i guess it is encouragement for me to get better in speaking in public. >> reporter: this year's winner. >> he grew up in a rough part of detroit and struggled to maintain good grades. >> reporter: campbell, poised on stage for just 14 years old. >> no matter where i go in life it is the stuff that you learn on the way there that is going to have the most impact. >> just 14, amazing. on behalf of wjz we want to thank all of the sponsors who made it possible. >>> well, the pope addresses tens of thousands at his weekly blessing. one of the holy father's final public appearances before he resigns later this month. the 85-year-old appeared from a window for the blessing. he asked for prayer
jackson has more on the tragic case still unfolding. >> reporter: that's right. this police training accident has left a trainee fighting for his life. he is in critical condition tonight and it's resulted in a major shake-up at the baltimore city police department. dramatic video from sky eye chopper 13 of a police trainee being loaded into a medevac hospital after being shot. it happened at the former rosewood center in owings mills baltimore county. a candidate in training with the university of maryland police was shot in the front of the head by a baltimore police trainee instructor in what's being called a training accident. >> he is currently in the operating room with our chief of neuro trauma. he's stable but any thoughts or predictions about long-term neurologic outcome are way to early. >> reporter: the events with unclear. also unclear is whether it was protocol for a live run to be chamberered in a weapon during exercises. the victim was medevacked to shock trama downtown. >> currently our prayers and support are with the trainee and the family at this tough time. >> rep
" as a sort of, um michael jackson figure sort of a sexually ambiguous separate playful, capricious diva. there's a monkey in the piece which is the one echo still of that. jacobi: whishaw follows a clutch of actors who tackled the role each in their own unique way. a young ian mckellan wallowed in richard's self-love. richard ii: not all the water in the rough, rude sea can wash the balm from an anointed king. the breath of worldly men cannot depose the deputy elected by the lord. [fanfare playing] jacobi: mark rylance played the king as a spoiled child. richard ii: we were not born to sue, but to command! jacobi: stars like jeremy irons, ray fiennes, and kevin spacey have all tackled shakespeare's masterpiece. what does the king do now? must he submit? jacobi: i, too have worn the crown. back in 1978, i played richard on bbc television. a king shall be contented. must he lose the name of king? it's strange to see it. it's quite moving to watch it because i've never seen it and to see yourself 31 years younger is quite startling anyway. no deeper wr
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